Shell Garage Learnership And Jobs


Shell South Africa is one of the leading worldwide group of fuel and petrochemicals companies.
Shell is invites young individuals who are keen to learn and pursue their dreams.At Shell our goal is to serve the community with our wide range of opportunities that we offer to ideal learners and degree holders,who are riverted in working in a physiological regimen,enclosed lucrative business, or for one of our combined justifications.
As a worldwide company,you will have opportunity to relocate abroad,however in most cases your first allotment will be in your country of origin.Applications for individuals who are selected to relocate global will be examined prior the country you are tutored in and beyond neighboring countries.Nonetheless applicants are desirable to indicate you orientation preferences on your application.
Suitable candidates will have a satisfying opportunity of expanding their future careers abroad.
All applicants are advised to have all of their personal and income information ready before you fill in the important details required in the form.
Minimum Requirements:
Name,Date of Birth,Identification number,Sars Income Tax Number, Birth Place ,Residential Adress,Contact details and Postal code.
Please ensure that you fill all needed information in the Application form in full.Failure to meet the minimum needed criteria your application will be rejected.
Kindly note that the finalization of this application form accommodate sustained commitment on either Shell or candidates does not offer any entitlement.

Applicants are adviced to sumbit their applications online via Shell Garage authourised website .