Careers At SPAR Stores


Being any employee at SPAR is not just about a job, it’s all about delivering and it’s all that matters.At Spar we have confidence in our communities for such reason to be on of the well established food and grocery retail store.With the best team players it assists to achieve what we a best at. Spar acknowledge,sustain and prosper on variety within an conditions that is inventive, alliance,testing and potent.

As we are in the enterprise business of dispensing products to the SPAR stores across Africa and those throughout our provinces .

Our dispensation hubs situated in South Africa five (5)provinces,we guarantee that products are delivered to stores just in time for the consumer to enjoy their shopping experience at their local SPAR store.
Because of our resilient team player ,we are what we a today.We present satisfying careers in the fields of sales, finance, marketing, logistics, information technology and human resources.
It’s our duty to observe individuals with the right skills and want to join our SPAR team players.

Available Positions :

Cashiers ,Packers and Cleaners
Marketing Procument
Bookkeeping Debtors
Creditors payroll Advertising Promotions Customer care Sponsorships and special events
Logistics: receiving, assembly, transport, maintenance, engineering, risk control
Information Technology: support, programming, business analysis, software development and testing, retail systems, DC systems, training and project management.
Human Resources: training, industrial relations, general HR, employees benefits, organisational developments we are trying to offer our customers a satisfying unforgettable purchasing experience,Spar have many absolute SPAR Brand products, available in all our provinces.
Making use of only the finest and raw elements, we deliver upmarket best outcome at very zealous prices. We maintain our brand standards,Spar products tested by an liberated testing centres on a monthly routine.For the reason that we are convinced of our quality products, we deliver customers the best quality on all our SPAR Brand products, as well as raw commodities acquired from our stores.
We target to maintain our buyers with resolute quality of the great merit,achived by superioty and individualised kindness in a cosy and appealing,group domain.