Simba Chips 2022 Careers

General Workers Job

The attainment of our well established brand and company is anchored in our community and the values we stand by.Simba is acquired by PepsiCo’S, a well known multinational organization that is well known in the globe for manufacturing potato and maize snacks and beverages.
Reasons why you should be part of Simba?
As a well established company we understand that people drive the well being of sucess and expand their dream careers.At Simba Chips we provide a rewarding opportunities for our candidates for continuous development by creating competitive edge for our employees and our business .
Having a career opportunity at Simba provides talented employees and potential employees with opportunities to expand horizontally and vertically. This is because we focus on development rather than simply movement. Employees are able to acquire critical experience that enables them to move into satisfying roles within our multinational organization.
Simba approach to managing careers is based on a relationship between the employee, manager and the organization.Our organization provides employees with processes and tools to assist them in their career decision making process. These elements are evaluated against the current set of opportunities and our long-term commitment to the growth and development of our employees.

Prospective applicants to submit email, duplicate confirmed identity, and academic results are discussed at

Ideal applicants are subjected to basic preparation during the completely different business processes of a group within the major twelve months: human resources, finance, evaluation, optimization, projects (product sales, promotion, advertising, and marketing) and operations (manufacturing, existing chain, agricultural engineering and engineering).