Coca-Cola Jobs

General Workers Job

Career opportunities exists at Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa.
Coca-Cola Beverage South Africa is hiring ,and looking for hardworking and dependable, dedicated individuals to be part of company

Checkout for newly realesed position available

Forklift Driver-
A golden opportunity is available for a
prospective licensed Forklift Driver,to deliver products.Apart from delivery products, the competitive applicant will be expected to assists with various other tasks in the company.

IT Security Assurance Specialist –
Now you got the opportunity to join our team,
Coca- Cola have vacancies for fresh and experienced job seekers to start their journey with with wide exposure as IT security specialist.Intersted applicants will take part in Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Information Technology .

Sales Manager
We are on the look out for proffessionals,graduates and individuals who will ignite ideas ,seize opportunities and co- create the future of our beverage company with us.

Packaging Engineer –
We are seeking to employ a qualified Packaging Engineer to be a member of packaging and quality sector of Coca-Cola products.

Logistics Support –
An opportunity has existed at Coca -Cola Beverages for a dedicated personnel to fill this role to assist the institution logistics precinct, in charge of what goes in and out within the institution, working in front of other precinct.

Warehouse Operator :
Coca-Cola is urgently recruiting for job seekers to fill in roles such as Warehouse Operator,ideal candidates will be working in the warehousing department at the institution, managing the disposal and supply.

Area Manager-
Ideally candidate will be active with the disposal and trade precinct, with applicable encounter.

Sales Trainer – Coca-Cola Drinks Africa:This opportunity open for a competitive permitted and proficient individual to constructively conduct the implementation and have potential to exertion with the sales team,assigning apprehension and professional.

Sales Team Leader
Competetive applicants will be working with Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa enclosed Sales department, being a team leader, rendering knowledge pertinent to the arrangement.

To be one of successful candidates follow below guidelines on how to apply

If you are interested in Coca-Cola’s newly released jobs ,visit the institution authorized database,pursuit for the appropriate job and submit your updates curriculum vitae.

Take note that for every category of the jobs published by the institution they have divergent needed requirements job qualifications, and for that reason , it is vital to convert respectively to each category have a chance of getting a job.