EPWP:General Workers Job

General Workers Job

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)is one of South African government nationwide projects initiatives to combat youth unemployment.

EPWP strategy present opportunities employment opportunities on part -time or unceasing jobs offered by
administration.and independent.organisations through the Ministerial Conditions of Employment for the EPWP or learnership employment conditions.

The South African Department Of Health is requesting young unemployed adults to register to contribute in numerous ministration within the department provisions.Ideally applicants will be set to help with general work,providing directions to clients, assisting with queue marshalling and well as supervisory assignments.
Job Requirements:
Must have completed Grade 10 /Matric
Updated Curriculum Vitae(CV), Proof of residence, certified copy of Identification (ID)
Preferably young adults aged between eighteen (18 )years
Individuals living with disabilities are also urged to apply
Apprehension of the departments affairs, best practices ,rules and regulations on Health and communal matters
Excellent communication physical and verbal
Keep reception areas free of dirty ,workplaces, skilled and washing rooms
Make sure that all evterior used for advanced operations are washed accordingly due to setting up of clinic policies
Assembly and remove contaminated garments in all working rooms
Remove garbage and make it a point that nearest vicinity of the departments spotless clean
Helping with detailed data and managing patients how they move in different departments and taking care of clients proceedings
Capable of screening department clients the reception
Presiding,in charge of streams, guiding people to designated areas of the department
Assisting at the reception and take care of clinic clients questions