Ackerman’s Latest Careers


Ackerman’s Holdings Limited is one of South Africa’s biggest chain of retail stores that has first welcomed their first customers in public in the city of Cape Town. Dating back as far as to the year 1916, Ackerman’s was built on the dreams and aspirations of its founder,Gus Ackerman . In addition to selling clothing and accessory pieces, which ranges from different affordable brands with best quality . Ackerman’s branched out to other business such as cellphones and financial services.
What made Ackerman’s so successful and survived through decades is the fact that the company is always in line with the upcoming trends that constantly pop up throughout the years. As a result, the company is forced to come up with dynamic policies in order to keep up with the surging demands of the public. As a result,Ackermans has opened several other stores all over South Africa, in locations such as Durban, Port Elizabeths, and Johannesburg. All this is made possible with the hard work and superior quality, exciting innovation and excellent value. Because of this,Ackerman’s manages to compete out within a sea of competitors in the retail industry.

About Ackerman’s Learnerships 2020
At Ackerman’s, the company believes in finding suitable people that are willing to get any job done and to deliver only the best to all of their customers. However, that is not main goal of the company. One thing Ackerman’s truly believes in is making a difference into the lives of their customers. Therefore,Ackerman’s is not just a 9-5 job vacancy – it is also a grand opportunity for individuals to develop their knowledge and skills. As the company is constantly searching for new ways to come up with different innovations by following the upcoming trends.
As part of an effort to seek for potential individuals that may be beneficial towards the betterment of the company, the Ackerman’s Learnership programme is offered to all of these local young people who are trying to find an opportunity to further develop themselves before they enter the real working world. All learners will be required to follow the Ackermans’ Good Business Journey initiative and achievements which will push their learners to bring out the best out of themselves and the company. All selected participants will be required to participate in the learnership programme for the entire duration of 12 to 18 months.
The Ackerman’s Learnerships programme caters to individuals who wish to pursue any of the following career paths, especially within the retail industry:

Clothing/Fashion Designer
Buyer Assistant
Project Manager
Warehouse Personnel
Customer Service Management
Sales Consultant
IT Specialist
Find out more about the company by visiting the official Ackerman’s Learnership website.
Ackerman’s Learnership Requirements
Before you can apply for the Ackerman’s Learnership programme, all candidates will be required to fulfill a list of criteria to prove that they are eligible enough for the learnership. As each of these items are equally important to the overall result of your application procedure, please make sure that you have all of these criteria fulfilled. Failure to meet all of these requirements may end up having your application denied from the committee. To see what types of people the company is looking for, you can take a look at their official website.
The Ackerman’s Learnership Requirements are as follows:
Basic Requirements
Holds a South African citizenship
Has finished Matric examinations
Holds a Degree or Diploma qualification (if available)
Has proven fluency in both spoken and written English
Able to communicate with their clientele
Knows how to operate a computer.
Key Competencies

Prior experience and knowledge working in the retail industry (not necessary, but highly preferred)
Passionate about providing good service deliver,If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria and other essential needs as stated by the company, you should Apply.