South African Post Office General Assistant Opportunity


South African Post Office (SA Post Office) has a rewarding opportunity in Randburg Johannesburg with a monthly salary of R7300.Post office is offering this opportunity to a candidates who are willing to learn and grow their career and gain excellent skills.

Requirements and Skills
Grade 10 Good communication Handle pressure Work independently Team player
The candidate must be resilient and have a strong work ethic and must be high performers and self motivated.
Responsible of a general assistant include answering telephone and transferring phone calls to appropriate staff members, meeting and greeting clients, customers and visitors, as well as creating and filing documents using Microsoft Office.Candidate also excute general clerical work such as faxing, mailing, scanning, filing and photocopying, preserve copies of important documents; administers electronic filing systems; signs, accepts and distributes packages; researches and purchases office furniture and supplies. General assistants are also responsible for coordinating and maintaining records of contact numbers, parking slots or office cubicles, company credit cards and office keys, 

Establishing up, coordinating and preparing meetings and conferences of a company or manager; and handling weekly schedules of staff. They also provide orientation for new employees; arrange accommodation and entertainment for company guests and visitors; and perform other duties that are necessary and required of him.

Post office clerks perform the following duties:

Direct sales of stamps, postal products and stationery such as registered and fast mail envelopes and parcel containershandle financial transactions including savings bank transactions, paying out of pensions, money and postal ordersreceive payments, for example, telephone and municipal accountsaccept and deliver mail over the counter, such as registered and insured letters and parcelsinvolved with client liaison including advising on services, answering of inquiries and assistance in the completion of forms

The sorting duties of mail handlers can include: Processing of mail within the post office and large mail centressorting letters, newspapers, registered items and parcels according to their destinationspreparing mail for sorting by mail sorting machines (a computer creates bar codes on the mail item)tying the mail for any particular route up in bundles and dispatching it in properly sealed mailbags.

Records are kept of all mail dispatched, and a hand-to-hand check of all certified registered or insured items is carried out by the sorting officer.


Flexibility to learn many kinds of tasksdiplomatic and tactfulfriendly attitude towards peopleable to work well with othersable to work with a minimum of supervisionable to follow directions carefully and accurately