Stallion Security Learnership Internship 2020

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Security is a vital part of our daily lives that is why Stallion Security was created . This company is working hard to offer security services to companies or personal who require more security. This company have quality services that they offer to the customers that are Guarding, Technology, Property Services, Special Ops, Investigations and Training Academy. Taking into account the history, this company was established in the year of 1991 when security meant for company was seen and it is being good for business thing. Stallion Security has grown into a high structured and corporate organization that give security services to the clients that have serious on security.

Stallion Security learnership Career are open for those people who stay in South Africa and should also be citizen of this country. This is good for being your career in this company that comes from this company’s sustanibility.
Seeing the potential to have a better future with joining this company can be seed from this company profile. Stallion Group itself empowered by Amabubesi Security with its 25% shareholding. Stallion Security has its power to built more link between management and partner. Being the leading security services in South Africa, this company has its heart for dicipline culture and this company being the example for thei other securities company in South Africa. Stallion Security comes with some values that planted to each employees that join this company.
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The first is Dicipline, Stallion Security maintains the dicipline value for every personel that join this company. Those who do not do the dicipline value such like unshaved beard and mustache, incorrect or incomplete uniform, arrive lately, and the other diciplinary process will get the sanction to make them more in dicipline. This has purpose to bring professionalism in working while serving the clients. Client’s satisfaction is being the most important goal that must be served by this company employees. If you want apply this learnership in here: APPLY STALLION SECURITY
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There will be management commitment inside this company. Stallion Security learnership internship needs and demands all the dedication from all management levels. High dedication is being the backbone of this company in giving service for clients. There will be 24 hours in a day for serving the clients. Commitment for client satisfaction and maximum guard are being product that offered in Guarding service. From this service, those who work with dedication and good performance will get the bonuses from this company. There will be immediately cash or voucher that can be given for those personels who works with good performance and giving satisfaction to the client. This is also open for promotion opportunity. This is showing that joining Stallion Security will give you opportunity to have successfull career in security field.
Stallion Security learnership opportunity also offered technology security. It is using such kind of CCTV systems from the simple to complex and advanced digital security system. So, it is available for those of you who have knowledge about IT to join this company. Bringing your knowledge in IT for digital security system is needed in here. Special ops are also available to handle mass people. This is for you who have more power and you do not know how to use it in positive way, you can join this special ops. This was formed in 2007 and this is being the business model of giving ad-hoc service to those clients that require investigations.
This company also has its training academy where you can join this academy. Of course, there will be a chance to join this company through the academy. Has been establised more than 10 years, this is providing training for professional security for those who need this. For more detail about vacancies, you can visit the official website of Stallion Security.