There is a labour shortage in some areas of the market therefore in order to meet the needy workforce of this market which include plumbing town planning, regional planning, architecture, building engineering, civil engineering, quantity surveying, information technology, asset management, and more, the department of public works provides department of public works learnerships career program. Every year, different positions are offered. The aim of this learnership program is to give a proper environment for the youth of South African to enhance their skills that has a great impact toward the growth of economy because of the reduction of the unemployment rate.

Simply put the department of public works learnership career boost employment opportunity for SA skilled youth for the reason that they acquire hands-on experience and classroom session over a period of twelve months or two years of the learnership program. The learnership opportunity is not going to be open for a long time there is a a closing date which is usually in August.

Without doubt the department of public works learnerships career offers great benefits to its successful learners. First, they will learn more about the workplace environment and how it works. A typical thing which candidate can not get through their formal school. They will not only learn about how the workplace function but , they will also become part of it. They will be taught by those who are known as the best or experts within the field. Simply say that the learnership from department of public works learnerships internship will enhance their skill and knowledge relevant to the chosen field.

The decision is fully based on academic performance and personal attributions which are matched to the learnership program. Put simply,the department of public works learnership job is for any suitable applicants not taking into account their race, religion and so on, but excellent academic results. Apparently the learnership program can broaden your network within your preference industry.

Department of public works learnership career offers opportunity to its learners to operate within certain skill, based on the learnership program which they apply, so why are you thinking twice about applying for the learnership position that is available and can help you to get your future career? However the opportunity of this learnership program is limited only to applicants who have the minimum requirements, which are:

Vacancy Program Open for
South African citizen only who have an identity document and matric qualification, You should be computer literate and good command of the English language, Have completed national diploma or degree relevant to the learnership you are applying for, You are unemployed and aged around 18 to 25 years old, Have no contract with another learnership provider, You’re someone who is self driven, excellent in planning and organizing, have analytical skill, attention to detail personality, ability to deal with strict deadline and more. Bear in mind that every field has its own requirements , though the minimum requirements remain the same. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP: Apply Publicworks OR APPLY DEPT OF PUBLIC WORK

Learnerships Careers
Future learners of department of public works learnership career should submit supported documents alongside the learnership application. You know, it is really disappointing that your application is disqualified just because you submitted an incomplete documents, therefore before you submit go through your supported documents to see if everything is in order. Now, if you are regarded as a successful or shortlisted applicants, you will be communicated by the dept of public works.

If it is not within a month from the deadline of the learnership program, the official will notify you in two months start from the closing date of the learnership. The learnership at dept of public works caters equal opportunity for its applicants to experience practical and theoretical learning based on real work environment. The learnership also offers learnership certificate that makes employer put more interest in you as they know that you have skills which are necessary for their company.