President Cyril Ramaphosa Advised to lift alcohol and cigarette ban


The National Coronavirus Command Council have been advised to lift the ban on alcohol and cigarettes sales and move the nation to Alert Level Two of the nationwide lockdown.
His excellence President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to announce his decision this week .
According to News24 it has confirmed that the president chaired meetings of the National Coronavirus Command Council and Cabinet on Tuesday were the enormous argument was in favour of fully reopening of the economy.
This comes in light of the fact that fewer confirmed Covid-19 cases have been reported daily .
Four sources who have knowledge of the discussions has reportedly that the economic devastation of the alcohol and cigarettes sales ban could no longer be tolerated. The country has lost billions of rands in tax revenue as a result of the ban and the illegal selling of cigarettes has grown.The same argument was made for the reinstated alcohol ban that has been on place for the last month.
Government said they were informed that hospitals were not overwhelmed as expected, and that South Africa’s recovery rate showed a positive trajectory.
On Sunday they held a meeting of the Forum of South African DirectorsDirector-General relating to the discussion of the full opening of the economy. Natjoints ,which is co -chaired by the police and the defence department ,was also part of that meeting, where they processed the latest reports related to the Covid -19 pandemic.
However it was argued that the economy is mostly open so we have to look at the sectors .
When we are meeting with sectors we can’t justify the ruin to the economy.
Another source stated that this ban is not helping,cigarettes and alcohol are being sold openly and this ban is pointless.
The tobacco product industry was expecting the President announcement unbanning the sale of tobacco.
“We are very optimistic about what we are hearing. There is acknowledgement that the restrictions didn’t work”.
The tobacco industry has been involved in high -stakes ligitation against the government and the Western Cape High Court is expected to rule on an application by British American Tobacco to have the sale of cigarettes unbanned this week.
The tobacco industry stated that they were also anticipating ab end to the cigarettes sales ban, four and a half months after it was imposed.The Cabinet reevaluation of the ban of the alcohol ban was in line with claims they made in court that the government would balance the health measures with the impact of the economy.
However the Health Minister Zweli Mkhize and Minister Nkosazana Dlamin Zuma told the court in two different matters that the government would re-access the alcohol ban accordingly.