Zodwa Wabantu Accuses ex -boyfriend of being a Fraudster


The young Veteran Zodwa Zodwa Wabantu ,is furious and couldn’t help it and take it out to the media platforms calling her ex -boyfriend a fraudster.
Mzansi dancer and entertainer went on saying she want all the expensive items that Zodwa bought for her former lover Vusi back after making incriminating claims that he is a fraudster.

Zodwa and her boyfriend separated after they have been together for a year.
Zodwa Wabantu claims that her ex boyfriend is a fraudster in Instagram.
The Mzansi dancer and television reality personality has confirmed that she is going after ,Vusi Ngubane who she claims is a fraudster.
Zodwa posted a video on her Instagram account, the young veteran says that her former boyfriend has used her name to purchase a new Audi r8 car.
Furious Wabantu said,”Vusi,I am not scared ,I have been quiet but listen here,I want the police and anyone who sees you catch you.You are a frauder.You are young and I have been thinking about your future and I have not wanted to do anything that will make me look crazy but I have proof that you are a fraudster .”She went on further to say that she opened a case against him.
“I cant believe I was with a fraudster. Why are you angry ?The phone you use I bought it ,its my R20000 .The watch you wear and pose with ,I bought it for you for 18.Sneakers from overseas, USA,Dubai, Australia, you name it”.
She shared the video claiming that she would give Vusi card to buy whatever he wanted.
Zodwa Wabantu says,”You slept in my house for a year ,I paid for everything.You used my contacts and connections to get a new Audi because you knew my name would help you.Please give me back everything that is mine ,I am coming for you and I am not scared “.
The couple separated after they have been together for a year.
One of her followers commented on the post saying Vusi was involved in here home being vandalized. earlier this year ,and she responded with a “yes”.
The veteran claims that her ex-boyfriend maintains his fancy lifestyle using her name.
Zodwa Wabantu has allegedly opened a case of fraud at the Empangeni Police Station.