Globally First Coronavirus Vaccine Registered


As Covid-19 cases continue to surge worldwide, researchers are racing to develop a vaccine. In the latest developments, a Russian health care regulator has become the first globally to approve a vaccine. Here’s everything you need to know.

As the Covid-19 cases surge worldwide, researchers are racing to develop a vaccine. According to the latest developments, a Russian health care regulator had become the first globally to approve a vaccine.
Russia approved the world’s Covid -19 vaccine,President Vladimir Putin said ,marking a milestone in the fight against the novel coronavirus but amid raising safety concerns in the West over the country’s accelerated clinical evaluations.
The Russian officials have compared Tuesdays registration of the vaccine with its health ministry to the Cold War -era space race ,and Moscow hopes the landmark event will return some prestige to the country’s proud scientific legacy inherited from the Soviet Union.
The conditions of the vaccine’s development, however it has raised concerns in Moscow and in the West over the safety of the vaccine and fears that the Kremlin is sacrificing the safety of its citizens.
The scientists at the Moscow based Gamaleya Institute have employed military testing ,accelerated clinical evaluations and shortened test trial times in an attempt to be first to approve a vaccine.
Russia Hope’s to use it in massive immunization rollout at home and trade it globally.
“We should be grateful to those who have taken this first step ,which is very important for our country and the whole world, “President Vladimir Putin told a government meeting .
“I hope we can start a massive release of this vaccine soon, “Vladimir said.
He also said that one of his daughters had taken the vaccine.
On Tuesday Vladimir has stated that the vaccine has proven efficient during trial test,giving a last immunity from the the deadly virus.
The president has stated that his daughter had a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius on the day of the first vaccine injection and then it dropped to just over degree celcius on the following day.
He also said that on the second shot she again had a slight increase in temperature.
“She’s feeling well and has a high number of antibodies,”
On Tuesday ,The Health Ministry confirmed that the vaccine is expected to provide immunity from the coronavirus for up to two years.
Russian authorities have stated that they will start to immunize medical workers teachers and other risks groups .
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova confirmed that the vaccination of doctors could start as early as this month.
Health Officials has said that the large scale production will start in September, and mass vaccination may begin as early as October.
Professor Alexander Gintsburg ,head of the Gamaleya institute that developed the vaccine raised eyebrows in when he said that he and other researchers tried the vaccine on themselves.
On the 17 th of June they started studies with 76 volunteers.Half if the group were injected with a vaccine in liquid and the other half with a vaccine that came as soluble powder.Some were recruited from military ,which raised concerns that they might have been pressurized to participate. Vladimir insisted that the vaccine has undergone the necessary trials despite completing phase 3 trials.