DA exposes how ANC paid cadres and state employees R11billion


The South Africa opposition party Democratic Alliance has revealed how the ruling party (ANC) paid the cadres and state employees R11billion not to work while the nation wide lockdown destroyed the private economy.
According to DA Shadow Minister For Public Service and Administration ,Leon Schreiber he stated that evidence has shown that over 3 million people in the private sector have already lost their jobs and that a fifth of private sector employees did not receive June salary as a result of ruling party lockdown crisis,the Democratic Alliance can exclusively reveal that at least 84 337cadres and public servants were paid full salaries during the nationwide lockdown to do nothing.
He has said that ,according to the National Treasury, the average salary in the public sector is R393000 per annum, or R32750 per month.which means that,over the past four months of the national lockdown crisis, the ruling party has spent over R11billion in taxpayers money to pay the salaries of atleast 84000 government employees who had their workloads reduced quite significantly.
In respond to a parliamentary question asked by the opposition party ,Minister of of Public Service and Administration, Senzo Mchunu,bluntly said that “during the nationwide lockdown, all public servants will continue to receive their full salaries”even though they are not performing their duties.
DA ,Minister of Public Service and Administration also provided a breakdown per government department of the over 84000 employees who “had their workloads reduce quiet significantly “during levels 4 and 5of the lockdown.
To understand the full scale of the ruling party determination to keep feeding its public servants patronage network, considering that the ANC has wasted R11 billion over the past four months on government employees who were not working is equivalent to15,7of the $4,3billion that the state was recently forced to borrow from the IMF.
The state government and all the ruling party controlled provinces happly wasted public funds to pay workers for not working, and while millions of the private sector employees lost all they had,only the Democratic Alliance led Western Cape immediately put in place systems to ensure that almost all public servants continued earning their salaries throughout the lockdown.
The opposition party salutes the Western Cape Government for once again proving that it is a responsible and trusted custodian of taxpayers money.
The opposition party will be writing to Senzo to find out why the ANC did not require “non essential “public servants to claim from the UIF-TERS system in the same way that it forced private employees to surrender their salaries.
DA has stated that if the ruling party was confident that TERS would adequately compensate workers for lost income,why did refuse to make no essential cadres give up their salaries and also claim from TERS like private sector employees?.
It is nothing short of a national scandal that the ruling party is willingly destroyed the livelihoods of at least three million private sector workers, but at the same made sure that state workers who were not performing their duties continued to recreceive their full salary and benifits.
DA is challenging the state to end the national wide lockdown to save the country’s economy.