East Rand man assulted by his own community after body of his girlfriend is found under his bed


Another woman has passed away allegedly her boyfriend killed her. The already rotten body of the unidentified Etwatwa woman was discovered under the man’s bed over the weekend.
It is not yet clear when the woman was murdered nor the cause of death, but the strong stench which was coming from her boyfriend’s house led the community to search for the source of smell and the subsequent discovery of the woman’s body under the bed. 

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Kay Makhubele said members of the Masiphumelele informal settlement community in Etwatwa were shaken by the smell coming from the 40-year-old suspect’s house on When they could not bear it anymore, they went searching for him as they wanted him to explain what was causing the smell .
“They found him and inquired about the smell coming from his house but he told them that the smell was coming from meat. However, the community were not convinced by this and forced him to go to his house and open it to see for themselves.

“Once they entered the house, the smell was so unbearable that they kept searching for the source . As they continued looking, they found the body of his girlfriend under the bed and it was already rotting
“They started assaulting him and he was later rescued by the police from the community and then arrested him. He appeared in court on Monday,” Makhubele said.
“As her body was decomposed, we will be waiting for postmortem results to show what the cause of death was. No one knows when she was last seen alive and investigations will soon find out “

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