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Operating as a worldwide, privately held casual dining restaurant chain with a growing presence in the United States, Nando’s specializes in Portuguese/Mozambiquan cuisine. Started and headquartered in South Africa, the restaurant chain hosts more than forty locations spread mostly on the east coast of the U.S. with continuous growth.

Facts About Working at Nando’s
Minimum Age to Work at Nando’s: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Nando’s?)

Available Positions at Nando’s: Host/Hostess, Waiter/Waitress, Dishwasher, Cook, Bartender, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Nando’s application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Nando’s Job Opportunities
Offering guests a wide-variety of dishes, Nando’s focuses on flame-grilled chicken dishes utilizing Peri-peri, a type of chili pepper, in four distinct flavors. The restaurant chain operates on the principles of pride, passion, courage, integrity, and family. Employees, called Nandocas by the restaurant chain, perform multiple roles with the company. Job opportunities include cashier, expo, prep cook, and griller. Managers, called Patrão, or head of the family in Portuguese, operate as supervisors, serving in administration capacities.

Candidates who enjoy interacting with people, work well in teams, and take well to direction typically secure jobs with the growing restaurant chain. Nando’s encourages outgoing personalities and passions for good food. Understanding proper uses of kitchen equipment, as well as safe food preparations, benefits potential restaurant employees. The application process tends to remain straightforward, with job seekers waiting a week or so after submitting an application for hire. All employees enjoy competitive wages, flexible schedules, and a paid training period.

Nando’s Positions and Salary Information
As a growing restaurant chain, Nando’s consistently seeks to onboard new staff members in both entry-level and career-oriented positions. Interested candidates may apply in person or download a paper application form directly from a company website. Job seekers face minimal hiring requirements, including a hiring age resting at 16 years old. The following lists current openings available with the casual-dining chain:

Cashiers take customer orders with accuracy, focus, and attention to detail.
Front of house cashiers, expediters, and hosts generally earn around $8.00 to $9.00 an hour.

Basic math and strong interpersonal skills typically benefit interested candidates along with remaining engaged, welcoming, and personable.
Employees focus on prepping and cooking ordered foods.
Cooks earn hourly wage starting at $10.00.
Cooks should possess general understanding of food safety and health regulations and prepare foods according to company standards. Employees should also retain good listening skills, communication acumen, and desire to work with others.
Managers dictate hiring, training, and motivating procedures, and perform administrative duties throughout the restaurant.
Managers may earn annual salary options of up to $45k.
Additional responsibilities include scheduling, creating reports for the company corporate offices, balancing labor hours versus profitability, and ordering appropriate food and supplies on a daily basis.
Tips for Applying
Nando’s offers interested applicants opportunities for to apply for employment via printable online forms or by requesting paper versions at the hiring restaurant of choice. Managerial candidates may choose to upload cover letters and resumes directly on the company website. Potential candidates should hear from hiring personnel within one to two weeks of applying. Providing legible, current, and concise information on each application regularly ensures an interview.

Application Status
After submitting all hiring materials, applicants should not wait more than two weeks to hear from hiring staff. Applicants interested in checking on the status of an application in person may appeal to hiring personnel. Job seekers desiring to follow up on applications should contact hiring managers via telephone, email, or simply pay visits in person. Anticipating peak hours of operation in order to avoid interrupting business when meeting with staff aid in applicant appeal toward hiring staff.

Benefits of Working at Nando’s
Along with competitive salary options, flexible scheduling, promotion opportunities, and fun-filled work environments, employees may gain access to medical, dental, 401k plans, and vision coverage. Eligible associates can receive the following employment perks:

Paid vacation
Paid Time Off
Paid Holidays
Meal Discounts
Additional Information about Nando’s
As a worldwide company, Nando’s maintains a strong presence on social media, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Following newer trends, the restaurant chain utilizes the online outlets to promote menu items and reach widespread audiences. The casual-dining chain also uses YouTube to promote recipes and new menu items. Customers may also gain access to a loyalty program called PERi-Perks in certain locations, which offers free birthday meals and a point systems allowing $1.00 for every ten points gained.

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  1. I would like to be a part of your team. I am a fast learner with the ability to work and learn under pressure. Please consider ny application

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  3. I’m interested to work hard any time.I would appreciate to be a cleaner or waiter .I like to communicate with other employees and participate every time .why I’m looking for a job becouse Im a single mom and it hard to support my children’s when I’m unemployed .I’m 28years .I have grade 12 certificate .please help me I really need job .0718616264

  4. I am interested to work hard with customers anytime. I would appreciate any space that has a shortage.

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  11. I passed matric last year and im currently looking for a job. Im able and willing to work very hard.

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    Job Applications

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