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With an expansive network of shops, Wimpy provides thousands of opportunities for part-time and full-time work. Wimpy jobs feature fun, entertaining, and rewarding work environments, paid training, and career development opportunities. Workers 16 and over may gain access to Wimpy jobs. Applicants under 16 may need special work permits to gain employment with the international restaurant chain. Entry-level job hopefuls typically need no real experience for employment consideration. Managerial roles and certain kitchen positions may require related work background. Fill out an online application or contact a local Wimpy shop to learn more about available jobs.

Popular Wimpy Positions and Salary Information
Wimpy South africa jobs provide instant access to promising careers in the fast food industry. Applicants seeking part-time or entry-level jobs should consider employment opportunities in Wimpy kitchens. Wimpy also needs to hire crew members to provide customer service. Most Wimpy employees start out as entry-level workers. The following list provides in-depth details on available entry-level positions and professional careers:

Crew Member – The first point of contact with customers at Wimpy restaurants, the position of crew member involves both customer service and food prep. Job seekers must possess friendly, courteous, and attentive personalities. Attention to detail plays an important role in the position and may affect final hiring decisions made by Wimpy managers. Responsibilities range from greeting guests, clearing tables and maintaining clean dining areas, taking food and drink orders, ringing up transactions at the till, and assisting cooks in preparing menu items. Wimpy crew members need to employment experience or work history for hiring consideration. The average crew member associate starts out at minimum wage. Wimpy crew members may make as much as £8.00 an hour.

Cook – Some Wimpy locations require cooks to hold previous experience in food prep or related position prior to hiring. Job seekers with culinary skills often receive hiring consideration over other applicants. Cook employees need to maintain sanitary work conditions at all times. Job duties primarily involve operating commercial kitchen equipment, such as grills, ovens, fryers, stoves, and microwaves to prepare Wimpy menu items. In addition to food prep and sanitation responsibilities, Wimpy cooks replenish food and supplies, as needed. Cooks must work quickly and efficiently to maintain optimal levels of customer service. Motivated and energetic individuals often represent ideal candidates for Wimpy cook jobs. Hourly pay starts out around minimum wage, depending on experience, and ranges up to £8.00 or £9.00 over time.

Management – Popular positions for applicants seeking full-time jobs, managerial careers available through Wimpy provide both full-time and part-time hours. Many managerial roles also provide direct access to employment benefits schemes. Positions for hire include supervisor, assistant manager, and restaurant manager. Wimpy uses the hiring process to screen for applicants 18 and over with exceptional leadership and motivational skills who excel in fast-paced work environments. Typical work responsibilities include supervising entry-level employees, maintaining solid employee/customer relations, analyzing sales reports and implement sales goals, placing food and supply orders, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Part Time Jobs Cashier Jobs Crew MemberPart Time Jobs
Benefits of Working at Wimpy South Africa
Wimpy workers benefit from supportive and rewarding job settings. Upon hire, Wimpy treats workers to complimentary uniforms, paid orientation, and meal discounts. The south africa .fast food chain also provides ongoing training programmes for motivated associates looking to gain employment as managers or as corporate professionals.

Generous employment benefits schemes also stand readily available to eligible workers. Wimpy employee benefits typically vary by location due to franchising. Common work benefits provided to qualified associates include paid holiday, bonus schemes, pension schemes, life insurance options, healthcare vouchers, and childcare vouchers. Complete an online job application to review job benefits information and begin the Wimpy hiring process today.

More Information
Founded in the mid-1950s, Wimpy South Africa operates as a European off chute of parent company Famous Brands. The sizable restaurant chain manages roughly 130 locations throughout the United Kingdom. The SA operations of the restaurant chain stretch across most of England and expand into areas throughout Scotland. Wimpy also manages operations in South Africa, but maintains separate the African division as a separate business entity under proprietorship of Famous Brands.

Wimpy came to fruition with inspiration from a character in the popular Popeye’s comic series, J. Wellington Wimpy. Founder Eddie Gold and UK proprietor J. Lyons and Co. borrowed the name from the J. Wellington Wimpy character, which held a profound love of hamburgers. The resulting chain offered classic-1950s diner menu items, including burgers, as well as chips and soft drinks at reasonable prices. Wimpy UK also sells salads, desserts, and breakfast items, like eggs, ham, bacon, and hash browns. The unique business concept and fast service offered by the restaurant chain attracts millions of customers to Wimpy locations annually. Most Wimpy shops operate out of High Street locations and in popular shopping centres.

Originally opening as a bar in London, England, UK, in 1954, Wimpy instantly gained traction in the fast food industry. The company later adopted American restaurant formats and began expanding rapidly by the end of the 1950s. By the 1970s, more than 1,000 Wimpy restaurants stood in operation. In 1977, United Biscuits acquired the U.K. division of Wimpy and effectively split the company between European and South African operations. The two fast food chains remerged in 2007 when Famous Brands purchased Wimpy. Famous Brands stood as parent company to Wimpy South Africa at the time of the acquisition. In 2010, the company debuted 16 new-look restaurants featuring a modern take on the 1950s classic diner theme. The company continues to expand under the new-look restaurant theme and boasts nearly 650 locations in the UK and South Africa.

Hamburgers dominate the Wimpy menu, but the fast food chain also specializes in desserts, breakfast items, and traditional restaurant grub. Menu items range from chicken sandwiches, salads, and chips to jacket potatoes, fish, open burgers, eggs and bacon with hash browns, and Wimpy signature toasties. Wimpy also sells foods brilliant for team time, such as sundaes, brownies, waffles, doughnuts, and cakes. Customers may dine-in or carryout orders.

Wimpy falls under proprietorship of Famous Brands Limited. A public company, Famous Brands trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as FBR. Famous Brands also maintains Wimpy South Africa operations. Other companies falling under Famous Brands corporate ownership include Steers, Mugg & Bean, Debonairs Pizza, FishAways, House of Coffees, Brazilian Cafe, tashas, O’Hagan’s, KEG, Giramundo, McGinty’s, Blacksteer, and Vovo Telo. Combined, Famous Brands subsidiaries generate over R1.8 billion in annual revenues. Wimpy headquarters reside in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK.

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  12. Good Day.To Whom it May Concern My Name Charlotte Kanyiswa Mbekwa Residing in Cape Town, Nyanga East Wich is central to all round Local Wimpy Stores and I Have Been Previously employed as a Cashier,Waitress,Promoter and at Making Section.Basically an all rounder.I consider my skills and obligations as a very Hard Working Person who is always eager to learn and explore. It Willl be with a great pleasure to join your Organization.Hope to here from you.Thank you and Have a Good Day.

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    Job Applications

    I worked as an Branch Manager for Hungry lion Queenstown(Fast-food Company) in Queenstown branch. I am very good in communication skills and honest personality. High standards where confidentiality and integrity is involved. Hard worker, friendly, co-operative and supportive team player. Always willing to learn and be rectified. Ability to work under pressure and very efficient. Willing to relocate and work after hours if required.

    Currently I’m situated in Queenstown working for Hungry Lion as a Store manager since June 2010,I will at all times do the best of my ability to strive for good superior results. Present what is expected of me and contribute towards new ideas that could benefit the company.
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