Manufacturing Company based in Linbro Park Johannesburg is seeking to employ a security risk manager/head of security. The incumbent will be primarily responsible to: Formulate and maintain the sites risk assessment plan. Formulate and maintain the sites security and safety management plan. Track, monitor, audit and report on anomalies and/or breaches of security and report to management. Ad-hoc special projects as requested by the line Manager and C.E.O.

Duties & Responsibilities

Maintain a site risk register, reviewing it once per month.
Complete a daily site security profile. This would entail a daily site inspection of the property.
Identify routine inspections that guards are doing in and outbound checks of employees/visitors entering and leaving the premises with the aim of eliminating theft of company stock and or property.
Conduct internal and external investigations, ensuring that all incidents are recorded, investigated and resolved as a matter of urgency.
Formulate and maintain the sites risk assessment plan
Formulate and maintain the sites security and safety management plan
Track, monitor, audit and report on anomalies and/or breaches of security and report to management
Formulate and maintain documents to aid staff in responding to various incidents
Maintaining adequate and fit for purpose supply of incident response equipment.
Random drive around and security check within surrounding premises and Linbro Park to check on any suspicious activity.
Monthly inspection and patrol of all company property within Linbro park to check on safety and risk issues.
Deal with local police to assist with any criminal or suspicious activity, opening of criminal cases and representation of company for all security and risk activities with regards to handling matters at police stations, and or at crime scenes.
Report weekly on all security and risk issues and keep a log of all completed checks and inspections on a month to month basis.
Ad-hoc special projects as requested by management.
Fleet security, inbound and outbound.
Client Vehicle Safety inbound and outbound.
Desired Experience & Qualification

This role will require a person who comes from the security background with the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge with regards to security and risk assessment. Taking the following into consideration:

5 – 10 years security experience
Research and analysis of intelligence, strategic planning, criminology or other relevant academic discipline (desirable).
Recommendations to management on statistical data and trends in line with security and risk concerns facing the organization.
Capability to interact with staff, customers, suppliers, management and identified criminals/prisoners at all levels to extract relevant information to assist with the intelligence being investigated.
Searching and access control procedures
PSIRA certificate
Firearm competency


  1. I’m kindly Will to work as a security guard. I’m a full trained gaurd who worked as a security gaurd in Zimbabwe for 6 years at Catiss private and investigation company.also I healed a post as Coporo for 2 years .
    I know how to take my duties very well including handover and take over, Client care, Premise care,well behaved and respect.

  2. I have 5years experience as a aviation security officer and I am still loking for a job.Contact me if there might be any space available 0794643793

  3. I need a job I have grade c security officers and psira certificate and I have office administration certificate

  4. I have worked for Maxi Security as guard, site supervisor, area supervisor,site manager at Land Bank and again as an area supervisor for almost 20 years.

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